Bring some sunshine

Feeling frustrated or disappointed, hearing yourself complain? This is a sure sign that somewhere within you’re expecting things to be different. Expectations set you up to be disappointed and keep you stuck. And the thing is when something unexpected happens that you can’t control, your sense of security can nosedive.

When you find yourself complaining, it’s good to feel your feelings, then do something physical to let them go – stomp your feet, punch your pillow, go for a run, whatever – then step back and take time to ask yourself what really matters. Shift your focus from wanting any particular outcome to how you want to be (something you can control), create an intent which becomes your internal anchor and let go of everything else.

Your intent is a commitment as to how you want to be, how you want to live. You might for example set an intent to be kind both yourself and others, and from this for example become more involved in your local community.

And, rather than spending time reacting to demands from other people or letting situations dictate what you do, find ways to let your soul guide you. Following your intuition, you no longer do what you think you “should’, … nor do you expect others to do just the right thing to make you happy. You take responsibility for creating your own happiness. And when you see what’s good in your life, that has a positive impact on everyone around you, you bring some sunshine!

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