Being at peace not knowing

Most of us like to feel in control, some of us like to know everything, so when life is uncertain we can panic not knowing.

Wanting to know, wanting to control, I’ve learned, is the biggest thing that gets in the way of being at peace with life, and, it comes from fear.

What if… you could be at peace with not knowing? There’s always something constructive you can do whatever the circumstances… when you give yourself the opportunity to choose to find that something.

Not knowing opens the door to new ways of thinking, new ways to deal with things. It allows you to be creative, to live in a state of possibility and to discover more about who you are.

Peace starts within you.

When you connect to the diamond, you accept that all is well… without knowing. You mind may still chatter, you will still feel negative emotions, and you choose what to give your energy to. When you take your hands off the wheel and follow your heart, life can bring some wonderful surprises.

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