Be true to your heart

An energy that tends to be introspective and can be expressive at the same time, turquoise loves to contemplate and is internally aware. Like clear tropical water, there’s a freshness, a warmth, light, clarity, a depth. When balanced, mentally it’s positive, creative, it thinks clearly and can make good decisions. It may observe or judge; it can sometimes be aloof.

The learning for this energy is to open your heart and speak honestly and kindly about how you’re feeling, be true to your heart and to others, to overcome any shyness around communicating or any anxiety about what other people might think. What you have to say matters, and being kind and respectful matters. When you truly accept yourself, this comes naturally. Being willing to see the truth about who you are helps you to grow, to see your uniqueness, be yourself and understand that we’re all equal in our own unique way.

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