An open door.

Another year is coming to a close, a year when we’ve all been challenged, be it in terms of our health, our finances, our relationships.

Now more than ever perhaps, it’s important to connect with your heart and accept that things are the way they are … and ask what is the opportunity, how do you want to do things differently, what do you want to create.

Looking back, you can acknowledge yourself on how you’ve dealt with all the change, how you’ve adapted and what strengths have supported you…and what you learned when you tripped up.

You can focus on the magnificence of our beautiful planet and open your heart to creating a new world.

Creating a new world means a new you…who do you want to become? Let’s start with a dream….imagine…open a door…and enjoy our free visualisation exercise here. Then focus on one step you can practise to become more of who you are, for example practise kindness daily.

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