Accepting difference

Like leaves on a tree, we’re all different, and, at the same time, we each contribute to the whole. Trees have different meanings for different cultures, yet commonly symbolise strength and growth, uniqueness, harmony and balance, rebirth and renewal…and the energy is peaceful.

Why then is it as humans that we’re challenged to accept difference?

What difference would it make if we saw that we each have a role to play and we can unite?

What is it within us that gets in the way of acceptance?

Our beliefs, our expectations about how to live, how things should be, how people should treat one another mean that we’re always going to be disappointed. We forget that there’s so much in life over which we have no control – including how others behave and think.

When it comes to people, it’s amazing what expectations we can have, and it’s only when we get upset, when they don’t live up to our most likely unspoken expectations, do we see how ridiculous our expectations can sometimes be!

Living from the diamond within our heart, being open-hearted, accepting difference asks us to focus on unique strengths and talents and let go of the judgements and limiting beliefs that block our growth.  

Of course, it’s good to practise being open-hearted with yourself first; and the old saying ‘do unto others as you would do unto you’ is a great place to start when you want to practise being open-hearted.

Rather than hold onto what you’ve been taught about how to be and behave, how would your world be if you accepted people just they as they are?

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