Accepting and trusting your own knowing.

How much confidence d’you have in making decisions? D’you make decisions from your heart …or… do you look to the opinions of others?

When your world is turned upside down and you feel overwhelmed, there’s so much to think about, so much to consider, it’s easy to lose confidence in your ability to make decisions.  I remember once getting to the stage where I thought ‘If I have to make one more decision, I’m going to scream!’. I felt overwhelmed having to make decisions on my own, and wanted other people to help me. What I needed was not help from others to choose what to do, I needed support in how to connect with and trust my own knowing.

The minute you feel overwhelmed, it’s a sure sign that you’re not aligned to what is going on and you need to step back and breathe. Perhaps you simply need to learn to move more slowly, not force things. Always you need to connect with the diamond in your heart, the spark of light that is you, who you really are. It brings you back to centre, calms you and from there you can sit quietly and allow your heart to guide you, to offer you the next step.

Whenever you make a decision, make it in the spirit of freedom, of being your self, from your heart. Your heart makes choices that are not only for your highest good, they are inclusive, encourage collaboration and are for the good of all.

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