One of the most challenging aspects of my personal growth work has been acceptance. And, it is what has given me my greatest gifts. Acceptance brings grace. Acceptance of self makes it easier to accept others. Acceptance of all that is brings peace into our heart.

On a personal level, how much do you accept yourself…and others? How much do you accept your past?

In Polishing The Diamond, I tell the story of my childhood. My family were poor, and I did not like the poverty. My parents worked hard; there was not much time for fun. I wanted magic; and I thought there was something wrong with me for wanting more. Now that I am older and wiser, I can see that I had everything I needed. I was totally loved.

My soul chose the perfect family for my lessons. My background was the spur that brought me to where I am today. It provided the potential for joy.

Since my book was published, my learning has taken me deeper. What I’ve seen is that children measure their value based on their circumstances; and this can begin at a very young age. Sometimes the value is based on whether we are loved or not, whether we are better than or less than a sibling. In my case, it was about being poor, thinking I was therefore of no account. Somewhere within me, I thought it was not fair that I was born poor, I deserved better. I focused on the lack of possessions rather than the love that was all around me.

The fact that my parents had no money had nothing to do with their value. They took their responsibilities seriously and their pride was their family. They were WONDERFUL.

My personal work has since been focused on accepting and integrating my judgement of my parents’ poverty, and finding the memories of joy and fun. There are lots! Love is not about what is lacking, it is about what is present.

To see the true value of our past, we need to go into our heart and remember the good times and CELEBRATE our journey. To embrace our personal value, we need to do the same.


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