For some of us, family is all that matters; for others, family can drive us nuts. We love them, and, they tweak our buttons. Whatever the issues, it’s important to remember that as souls we chose our family, we’re together for a reason, to learn and grow. It doesn’t have to be a prison! From our family we absorb beliefs, values, attitudes; often we take on what they tell us about who we should be, sometimes we allow them to define who we are.

The biggest challenge can be appearance…pretending that we are really happy when we’re not…in which case the opportunity is to let go and be real. Sometimes we are so different from our family, we feel that we don’t fit, we don’t belong, in which case we can ask ourself why are we there. We are always part of the whole.

First, we need to be honest and accept how we feel, then we can look at any clash in energy. Family offers us such a gift…a way to see energy. Friction is often needed to polish the diamond, to make it shine more brightly. By rubbing up against one another, rubbing up against what is most uncomfortable within us, we can see any energy that limits or separates us and transmute it into something more refined…for example, any need to control everything in life into being aware of who we are being and following our guidance. First we need to see and accept what is.

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