A ray of sunshine

One of the joys of being in lockdown is having time…time to stop and enjoy the little things in life that bring warmth to our heart. For me, one of the things I love most is that time in the morning when the world is still and the sun rises beyond the trees in the garden, its light dancing through the trees branches with delight!

Thinking about the sun…where would we be without it? Each ray of sunshine is a source of energy, and that energy is limitless. It is unconditional, giving, available to to us all. The sun supports us, helping our plants to grow, providing nourishment, helping us to grow, and it’s warmth and light uplifts our spirits, does it not?

We each have a sun within us, our connection to the Divine, and it reflects our warmth, our light, our infinite potential.

At this time when we may feel helpless to the impact of the virus, how can we bring some sunshine, some warmth and light to friends, neighbours, colleagues, humanity as a whole? How can you brighten someone’s day, make their life easier in some way? Often in helping others what we find is that our worries disappear, or at least fade.

Here are a few simple ideas : smile, be positive, send a note to a friend or neighbour, send thoughts of love and light to all those who are suffering from the worldwide virus, and to the emergency services. And, on a personal note, we can stop and breathe, focus on our breathing, feel the sense of calm that brings and know it will touch others.

And, if you would like to offer your energy, join this meditation group to offer healing to the world, to all those who choose to receive it. We meet online on every Thursday at 8 pm New Zealand time. If you can’t make it at this time, the meditation is recorded so you can join whenever is convenient to you.

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