A cure for the virus…?

When you look at the world right now, what do you see?

On the surface, we may see panic, drama, fear. Fear around political structures, the financial markets, the environment, climate change and now the corona virus with restrictions on daily life, social interactions and travel. Of course, we also see people coming together with caring and kindness, quietly going about their day, looking at how they can ease life for those in their community.

We might joke that in the middle of a crisis people, instead of helping one another, are fighting in supermarkets over toilet rolls. Yet what does the behaviour reflect? Fear of restriction, wanting something that may not be available, wanting to grab. People perhaps consumed by the idea of ‘it’s going to be me’. Me.

What do you see as being the significance of all that is happening – why this, why now?

If we look within to see what the virus is reflecting for us, what might we find?

We might find the most invasive virus of all… fear. Fear that creates limitations, judgements, self doubt, a need to prove…and stops us from being who we truly are, from using our gifts, sharing our heart with others and making a contribution.

There is no vaccine for fear. There is a way to recover, to become healthy again and that is to love – for love is no fear.

The opportunity perhaps that comes with social isolation is to look at who we are and how our way of being impacts the collective system. And, once the panic is over, the opportunity is to rebuild. How might you want to be, to live, with those in your community, the land on which you live …differently? What changes can we make, each of us, separately and together, that might benefit the whole? We.

How would it be for you to live more simply in alignment with the seasons, to use our resources wisely rather than demand that we have what we want when we want?

How would it be to accept yourself as you are, warts and all, and simply be who you are, and live from the Essence within you that is love? And….. be at one with whatever is happening? What difference would it make?

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