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Every diamond, whatever its colour, shape or size, is beautiful and unique. So are YOU!


The question is – do you see it?


Sometimes through life’s experiences, we can feel tired, empty, lost, confused, maybe even trapped. We wonder what life is all about. We feel dull and lifeless; we lose our sparkle. When this happens, it’s clearly time for a polish!


Open your heart and connect with the diamond within you, your potential. Appreciate who you are, every single facet. Claim your value and find your unique voice. Allow your intrinsic light to shine through, and live life fully!


We offer a range of programmes to suit different needs. Choose your journey here. Whichever you select, you will journey to your heart!

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When you decide that it’s time for you, you want to take care of your diamond and shine bright in your world, contact Glynis and we can arrange to have a conversation when you can discuss your journey. 

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FREE getaway with six simple exercises. Designed for the independent traveler, who likes to avoid the crowds and travel without any time pressure. Try it, and if you like the flavour, there is more – in fact, there is a banquet!

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For the traveler who likes to journey at their own pace and enjoy some personal service, this journey costs US$ 199 and offers email conversation with your guide.

Take another adventure, enjoy the landscape and explore at an even deeper level who you are at heart. Take time to go down into the valley. You may get wet and muddy, you can change any clothes that hold you down.

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Enjoy your very own travel experience with the undivided attention of a personal guide who offers her enthusiasm and commitment to working in-depth with you on your spiritual journey. A journey uniquely for you and your personal enrichment.  Consisting of 12 online meetings, this bespoke adventure costs US$ 1599.

Contact Glynis and take the first step to getting to grips with who you are and what you want to do with your life! We’ll arrange to have a chat, you can ask any questions, then you can let me know when you want to begin.

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Being curious, I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. I’m also an adventurer and love to travel, so it’s an absolute delight to guide clients who want to go on the journey of getting to know and appreciate who they are in every aspect. To watch them grow, claim their value, then find their voice. The Diamond Within the Heart was shown to me on my journey, and now I incorporate it in my work to help you live your potential. The good news is – we all have a diamond! It’s our uniqueness, our individuality; it is who we really are. Appreciate your value and see your value appreciate! Each of us is so much more than we imagine.


I’m an Accredited Coach with the International Coach Foundation, and now offer mentoring and spiritual guidance.

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